Burscough Tesco Visit

Year 2 visited Burscough Tesco!

On Tuesday 16th June year 2 visited Tesco in Burscough as part of their healthy lifestyles topic. We learnt all about different foods, had a look behind the scenes of Tesco and even got a quick go on the checkouts!

First we got to sample some yummy cheese – some of it even had chocolate and orange in it! Our favourites were the Lancashire and the Five Counties cheeses. The blue stilton was a bit smelly for most of us – it was Mrs Belger’s favourite though!


Then we went to look at all the seafood at the fish counter – some of us even got to touch some of the fish!

IMG_0531 IMG_0629 IMG_0633 IMG_0644

We then got to try more food in the bakery. We tried lots of different breads including cheese bread, cranberry and pumpkin seed bread and even chilli bread!


We then took over the fruit and vegetable section looking for all the colours of the rainbow.

IMG_0538 IMG_0542  IMG_0655 IMG_0658IMG_0550

Next we explored the store for different items from our shopping lists. We had to find water, rice, beans, eggs and rice.

IMG_0552 IMG_0555

Then we went into the area that only staff are allowed in!!


And we found their giant chiller and giant freezer – brrrrrrrrr it was cold in there! -18°C in the freezer!

IMG_0564 IMG_0664

After we’d chilled out we were allowed a go at working on the checkouts!! Customers even kept trying to let us serve them we looked so professional. (Check out (no pun intended..) the pictures of this on the next blog post!)

Finally we went back to school with our goody bags – complete with some healthy fruit to try at home later.

IMG_0622 IMG_0707

Thank you to Nicolle and everyone at Tesco for a fantastic day.